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Advantages and values

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    Environmental friendliness
    We continuously adopt the best practices of environmental protection. Sustainable development is a strategic vector for our work and our commitment to the future
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    The defect proportion of our product is less than 1%. The loading process is carried out exclusively by our employees, and that combined with the access to our own railway ramp almost completely eliminates the possibility of damage to the goods
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    We continue to modernize the technological achievements of previous production owners, and introduce new ones. We invest not only in the latest equipment, but also in ongoing employee training and process optimization
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    Trendiness and compatibility of the decor collection is our advantage. We offer our partners comprehensive solutions for interior design and architectural projects
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EXTRAVERT is defined by the harmonious coexistence of technological progress and nature. The brand embodies nature's beauty in its decors collection. Our job is to provide designers, planners and furniture manufacturers with everything they need to be able to create vibrant and thoughtful pieces and spaces, that are also accessible to the end consumer

Brand's history

Start of construction by the German woodworking company Pfleiderer
Factory's acquisition by the Swedish concern IKEA
IKEA's furniture factory launch
Launch of the Energy Plant
EXTRAVERT buys out the entire production complex

Moving forward, we preserve traditions

EXTRAVERT grows on fertile ground prepared for us by world-famous European companies.

In May 2023 we launched our production under the Russian flag. We have preserved and brought up to date all the tech left by our predecessors. We have modernized our equipment and expanded the variety of product formats. We have maintained and enhanced European standards of quality and environmental friendliness. We implemented an ESG framework as a strategic vector for the future growth of the EXTRAVERT plant.

Today we are faced with ambitious tasks. We are yet to earn our partners’ and clients’ trust. We need to build a foundation for the growth of our employees, and to set standards for the market of materials for furniture and interior design. The synergy of great service, modern production, corporate policy and ESG is our ultimate goal

Environmental protection

Sustainable development is a strategic vector for the growth of EXTRAVERT plant.

In an effort to take a leading position in the Russian market, we adopted the best practices of world industry experts in the field of environmental protection. We are aware of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities. We are modernizing the enterprise’s business processes and looking for environmentally friendly ways to produce, store and transport goods.

An environmentally friendly future for our country is our responsibility and our promise to the new generation

About production

Today, we own one of the most technologically advanced and automated factories in the world. A full production cycle, our own power plant, a minimum defect rate and high-speed production lines are our foundation and starting point for brand development. The investments made into the factory, the increase in the number of lamination lines, and construction of a new warehouse for finished products planned for 2024-2025, - are the reasons we can promise to be a reliable partner and friend.
Maintaining the highest possible quality of our produce is the basis on which our reputation is built
  • 15,5 million m²
    Output of laminated chipboard per year
  • 550 000
    Output of chipboard per year
  • 620 000
    Total plant area
  • 30 000
    Finished goods warehouse capacity
  • 5 hectares
    Timber warehouse
  • <1%
    Proportion of defective laminated chip
ESG*– (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is a set of characteristics that companies implement into their management practices to address environmental, social and corporate issues
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