In harmony with nature

Sustainable development is a strategic vector of EXTRAVERT factory advancement

With care for the environment

In an effort to maintain leadership on the Russian market, we continuously adopt the best practices of environmental protection. We are keenly aware of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities. Therefore, we are constantly modernizing the enterprise’s business processes and seeking even more environmentally friendly ways to produce, store and transport goods

A future with a clean environment is our responsibility and our promise to the new generation

We preserve nature to save the future

  • We reduce CO2 emissions
    Thanks to a biofuel power plant launched in 2017, we are reducing CO2 emissions by 45,000 tonnes annually (it equates to eliminating emissions from 9,000 cars).
    We invested in the WESP electrostatic filter, which, according to experts, is the best existing technology to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Cleaning efficiency of WESP dryer is 99.76%
  • We use renewable energy sources
    We increased our renewable energy use from 35% to 85% by commissioning a power plant and eliminating the use of gas. Our power plant provides production of chipboards and furniture with thermal energy
  • We strive for waste-free production
    One of the results of implemented cyclical consumption model is resource conservation through the recycling of by-products of wood processing (wood chips, bark and dust) as raw materials for the thermal energy production. At the same time, raw materials that could be used in the production of new chipboards, are sent back to the production lines. Today, we send to landfill for waste burial less than 3% of the total amount of waste generated. Technical wastewater generated during the operation of the power plant and dryer is treated at local treatment facilities with a water circulation system, which allows this water to be reused in the production cycle. The introduction of the latest technology for storm water treatment allows preserving the composition and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems
  • We are advocates for responsible forest management
    We purchase 100% of our wood from legal sources in the regions closest to the enterprise. We participate in voluntary certification of products according to the Forest Standard system and comply with legislations in the field of environmental protection
  • We comply with international product safety standards
    The emission class of our laminated chipboard is consistent with E1 and E 0.5 and EPA international norms, which makes our product absolutely safe to use even in children's areas
  • We acknowledge our responsibility before our employees and the people around us
    We have been building a corporate culture that supports such values as comfortable and safe workplaces, decent wages, friendly and open interaction between employees - with great success. We pay special attention to employee advanced training and support the practice of mentoring. With the help of our employees, we implement various charity projects and participate in cleanup campaigns and other environmental initiatives in nearby areas

Sustainable development is our way of life

Responsible attitude towards nature has been at the basis of the factory's philosophy since its very foundation. Almost 20 years later, sustainability is a way of life for our employees and an integral part of the EXTRAVERT brand identity

Moving forward, we preserve traditions

EXTRAVERT grows on fertile ground prepared for us by world-famous European companies.

In May 2023 we launched our production under the Russian flag. We have preserved and brought up to date all the tech left by our predecessors. We have modernized our equipment and expanded the variety of product formats. We have maintained and enhanced European standards of quality and environmental friendliness. We implemented an ESG framework as a strategic vector for the future growth of the EXTRAVERT plant.

Today we are faced with ambitious tasks. We are yet to earn our partners’ and clients’ trust. We need to build a foundation for the growth of our employees, and to set standards for the market of materials for furniture and interior design. The synergy of great service, modern production, corporate policy and ESG is our ultimate goal

About production

Today, we own one of the most technologically advanced and automated factories in the world. A full production cycle, our own power plant, a minimum defect rate and high-speed production lines are our foundation and starting point for brand development. The investments made into the factory, the increase in the number of lamination lines, and construction of a new warehouse for finished products planned for 2024-2025, - are the reasons we can promise to be a reliable partner and friend.
Maintaining the highest possible quality of our produce is the basis on which our reputation is built
  • 15,5 million m²
    Output of laminated chipboard per year
  • 550 000
    Output of chipboard per year
  • 620 000
    Total plant area
  • 30 000
    Finished goods warehouse capacity
  • 5 hectares
    Timber warehouse
  • <1%
    Proportion of defective laminated chip
ESG*– (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is a set of characteristics that companies implement into their management practices to address environmental, social and corporate issues
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