Trendiness and inspiration

It is impressions, ideas and the experience of our designer Natalia Eliseeva that provide the collection with its single concept, its meaning and its unconditional style. The collection is rich with creative confidence – it provokes imagination, calls for bold decisions and encourages growth. We are trendsetters in interior design, and we offer stylish, complex and unique decors balanced by light textures and weightless embossings.

We are inspired by our surroundings – just like you are. We bring new experiences to the collection, find original solutions and involve talented people around the world

Compatibility and thoughtfulness

Convenience in creating visually holistic spaces is our strategic goal. We’ve put a lot of thought into making it easy for designers, planners and constructors to create with our collection. The safety and high quality of materials, combined with the compatibility between our decors, guarantee the means to decorate any type of space using only EXTRAVERT product. Create children’s areas, living rooms and kitchens in private homes; design commercial and public spaces that comply with the relevant Government standards with EXTRAVERT product line

Individuality and courage

Express your ideas freely and don’t look back to stereotypes. We will support you through every project. Created for designers and by a designer, our collection will make your clients fall in love with your ideas, providing you with everything necessary to monetize your unique vision. Together, we are prepared to raise the quality of interior design standards in the public consciousness. We believe that Russian designers have a lot to offer on the global stage.

You don’t have to choose between quality and beautiful design, nor between decor diversity and compatibility – we offer everything at once. Be sincere in your aspirations – we are by your side to support you with our collection

Touch & Feel

We can feel good design at our fingertips.

Close your eyes, imagine running your fingers along a new table or a newly built wall in your home. You don’t see it, but you can feel the texture, warmth and quality of the material, completing the visual image with sensations. This is how we gain experience with design: as a set of visual and tactile impressions. In our collection we offer unique embossings and impressive textures, so that our customers not only see, but also feel that quality means EXTRAVERT

About production

Today, we own one of the most technologically advanced and automated factories in the world. A full production cycle, our own power plant, a minimum defect rate and high-speed production lines are our foundation and starting point for brand development. The investments made into the factory, the increase in the number of lamination lines, and construction of a new warehouse for finished products planned for 2024-2025, - are the reasons we can promise to be a reliable partner and friend.
Maintaining the highest possible quality of our produce is the basis on which our reputation is built
  • 15,5 million m²
    Output of laminated chipboard per year
  • 550 000
    Output of chipboard per year
  • 620 000
    Total plant area
  • 30 000
    Finished goods warehouse capacity
  • 5 hectares
    Timber warehouse
  • <1%
    Proportion of defective laminated chip
ESG*– (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) is a set of characteristics that companies implement into their management practices to address environmental, social and corporate issues
EXTRAVERT products in the interior design
EXTRAVERT is a comprehensive range of high-quality materials , made for harmonious and trendy designs for private, public and commercial spaces
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