Karelia snow marble

TT F.415.Pt

EXTRAVERT countertop is a moisture-resistant chipboard covered with HPL coating in exclusive EXTRAVERT decors. Overlay coating provides additional surface protection from moisture and mechanical damage, making sure of the preservation of its original appearance for a long time. Backing with a finishing film with a drip tray will protect the base slab from moisture and swelling. Trendy 38 mm thickness and EXTRAVERT accent decor will make your countertop center that everyone gravitates to in your kitchen area. Protective characteristics will ensure a long service life. To order a countertop, contact the EXTRAVERT sales department

  • Thickness, mm
  • Width, mm
  • Length, mm
  • Coating
  • Emission
  • Slab type
    Moisture resistant
  • Protective covering
  • Backing
    Finishing film with a drip tray

Advantages of materials

  • 01
    The surface is protected by an additional overlay coating, which provides additional protection against moisture and damage
  • 01
    4200 х 600 х 38 mm
    Versatile size, is ready to be used as a finished product, as well as to be cut
  • 01
    Chipboard + HPL coating
    The base of the countertop is a moisture-resistant chipboard, covered with HPL plastic in exclusive EXTRAVERT decors
  • 01
    Finishing film with a drip tray that protects the base plate from moisture and swelling

In harmony with nature

  • Less CO2 and renewable energy
    We reduce CO2 emissions by 45,000 tons annually. The commissioning of the power plant followed by abandonment of gas use allowed us to increase renewable energy sources from 35% to 85%
  • Waste-free production
    We reuse all wood by-products, down to bark and wood dust. Recyclable materials are used to produce new slabs, and the rest is used as raw material for thermal energy production
  • Responsible forest management
    We purchase wood from legal sources only and in the regions closest to our plant. We participate in voluntary certification of products according to the Forest Standard system and comply with legislation in the field of environmental protection
  • International standards
    Emission class of our laminated chipboard complies with international standards E1, E 0.5 and EPA, which makes the product absolutely safe even for children's areas
EXTRAVERT products in the interior design
EXTRAVERT is a comprehensive range of high-quality materials , made for harmonious and trendy designs for private, public and commercial spaces
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